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Hypnosis helps with chocolate addiction


By: Keith Travis
How to stop being addicted to chocolate!

I remember someone who came to me for weight loss and she told me she was addicted to chocolate. We carried on chatting and then she started to tell me how when she was a girl she used to go to her grandmothers from school each lunchtime and help to make her gran, who was not very well, some lunch.

Every day before she went back to school gran would give her a bar of chocolate and so the girl came to associate being with someone she loved with chocolate.

Year’s later gran had died and the girl who was now a woman in her thirties was missing her granny and comfort eating with chocolate which incidentally was Cadburys fruit and nut which is what gran used to buy her all those years ago.

Every time she felt upset, anxious or stressed she reached for the chocolate because that brought in her mind, gran back to life and it made her feel loved and safe again.
We did some hypnotherapy which disassociated gran form chocolate and the problem disappeared

There are many associations like this in all our minds when it comes to sweets and chocolate.
Did you ever get told when you fell over and hurt yourself as a child “Let’s get you some chocolate that will make you feel better” ?

Or maybe you remember some of those childhood experiences when you did not have a care in the world and the best day of the week was pocket money day, when you would go and buy some sweets, or you were on holiday and always enjoyed a big ice cream.

All these type of experiences build an association in your mind and then as an adult when you are stressed, upset or going through some other emotion your subconscious tries to make you feel better by finding a previous experience that made you feel good, like eating chocolate.

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