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Diets don't work


Diets don’t work!
Four out of five people who started a diet for the New Year will have given up by today,22nd January, according to a new report.
The study of 2,000 adults also found that one in five failed within a few days of making a resolution to eat healthier.
The top diet-breaking foods were chocolate, bread, crisps and takeaways.
It has also been found in studies by Yale University in America that when they give up a diet, 70% of people put more weight on than when they started.
The only way for people to become slimmer and stay slim is to change the way they think about food and eating. It is not about giving up chocolate, bread, crisps and takeaways. It is about eating sensibly, when their stomach tells them that they are hungry, instead of their head telling them that they need something to eat.
It is their head that says “Have some chocolate, because that will make them feel better” or “Have some crisps and then they won’t feel bored”
When people address the reasons for their head telling them to eat to feel better and not because they are really hungry, then they will start to think differently and there will be no more diets.
Slimming clubs are a bit like cults, they hook people in with promises of a better life and a feeling of “We are all in this together”, and then because they are part of the food industry and not the health industry, they sell them special products which they want them to carry on buying for the rest of their life. Instead of eating normal healthy foods which cost far less than specially prepared products.
When people come to see me for help in losing weight, they are often surprised that we don’t talk a lot about food. We do however discuss why they eat. Very often there are issues from the past especially in childhood or they have a stressful life at the moment, which causes the overeating and emotional eating now.
I do not tell my clients not to eat certain foods, they have already done that themselves and it hasn’t worked. What we do together is address the causes.
Once the causes are addressed you simply do not have the compulsion to eat like you did before. Your weight then starts to adjust without much effort and you become slimmer, then because you have sorted out the causes for the over eating you do not put the weight back on again.
The weight loss program that I do is just four sessions of one hour. After that you do should not need to keep coming back. However, some people do return occasionally after a few months or years and ask for “A top up”. When we then have a chat there has usually been something that has happened in their lives which has cause the emotional eating to start again.
So we then look at the reasons for the “blip”, address them, and then they usually find they are back on track again.
In the end there are two choices, people can carry on trying dieting, or they can really address the reasons for eating the wrong foods in the wrong quantities.
If you were one of those people which would you prefer?